Casino is one of the most played game in the world. A game where you try your luck and skills to win the money.

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Although people are more interested to play casino in restaurants, hotels and clubs. because the live environment there is so crazy. But with the advancement of internet, more people have started taking interest playing the games online.

But you miss one thing by playing from home.. ha ha..

Some of the big casinos organize stand-up comedy, concerts, and sporting events, so you can miss such activities if you love them.

Back in 19th century, people used to organize these games at home and this was a great entertainment for them.

But as it started getting more interest, big players made it public to earn more cash and to spread more awareness about such games.

As casino comes under gambling, so most of the countries don’t allow them to play, as it may cause big problems for the nation.

But recently I visited Macau in China. Such a beautiful and well-organized city. I found that there were a lot of legal casinos where people are playing 24×7. Anytime you enter in the casino bar, you’ll see same crowd, same chirping, same passion and same flow of money.

For me, this was an awesome experience to see such a flow of money every single minute.

This was the offline market.

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